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Medium Wheel Loaders—ER406

Specifications | Descriptions | Technical Parameters

ER406 is a mini wheel loader known for its compact design and manoeuvrability, and can be used for all kinds of odd jobs. Especially this machine is perfectly suited to prevail where there are space constraints.It can be driven on the foot path without a problem because it only has a width of 1.15 m. It is even possible to transport the machine on a car trailer thanks to its low dead weight.
The carefully chosen components make this machine extremely reliable, which in addition, is equipped with a ROPS/FOPS approved safety roof.


Engine Rated Power


Operating Weight


Standard Bucket Capacity



At Everun, LP stands for "Low Position". Thanks to the lower operator's standing and sitting position, the machine has a lower overall height. It can readily travel through narrow passages. It also allows the operator easy entry and shifts the centre of gravity towards the ground.

1-Everun articulated oscillating floating joint
The backbone of the Everun ER4 design: The legendary articulated oscillating floating joint. All four wheels remain in constant contact with the ground and the machine moves with maximum traction. In addition, the machine has unrivalled manoeuvrability.

2-High quality powder coating
Quality creates added value. The powder coating is a key feature of the Everun quality standard. In contrast to the conventional wet painting, it greatly increases the service life and is more efficient and also environmentally friendly in the process.

3-One bigger and stronger lift cylinder
Everun always installs strong lift cylinder in all ER4 series wheel loader models. This guarantees that the load distribution is always optimally transferred to the loading arm. In addition, the entire loading system gains stability. The size of the lift cylinder is adapted to the respective size of the machine.

4-Perfectly matched P-kinematics
The angled loading arm is designed to be particularly sturdy and torsion resistant. The kinematics are adjusted to the size of the machine - this ensures optimal balances of power for every machine. The advantage of P-kinematics lies in the exact parallel motion across the entyre lifting area.

5-Stainless steel steering stops
At a full steering stop, the front and rear carriage of the machine touch. With Everun, this area is particularly well-protected by the stainless steel steering stops and there is no corrosion. This provides for value preservation!

6-Large selection of attachments
Use your machine as a multi-tool: you have a wide selection of attachments available for your Everun machine.

7-Large selection of tyres
The optimal tyres for every subgrade: you have a wide selection of different tyres available for your Everun machine.

8-Secure canopy with restraint system
Maximum safety that is state of the art. As a standard, Everun installs a canopy with a restraint system on mini models. The canopy and the restraint system for the operator meet the ROPS and FOPS protection.

9-Quick and easy tool change
Thanks to the hydraulic quick-change system, attachments can be easily and conveniently exchanged. In this way, your machine is again ready for application at once. This increases productivity and profitability. The exchange of the tool takes place through 2-hand operation, which makes an unwanted change impossible — safety always comes first at Everun!

10-Good maintenance accessibility for all ER4 series models
There is service hole inside the cabin, and the engine hood can be opened backward widely. This makes the engine, hydraulic system and electrical system easily accessible for our ER4 series models.

11-Easily accessible lubrication points
Regularly greasing all lubrication points of the machine is crucial for the proper and effective maintenance and therefore value retention of the machine. In order to save time and facilitate the work, the lubrication service points are always in an easily accessible position at Everun. Optionally, a central lubrication system is available that takes over the lubrication for you.

12-Short hydraulic hose lengths
Everun machines have short hydraulic hose lengths; the hoses are split in several places. If a hydraulic hose needs to be exchanged, the entire hose in the hydraulic circuit does not need to be exchanged, but rather just the affected part. This speeds up work enormously and saves money.

13-Adjustable steering column
The steering column can be individually adjusted according to the operator’s request. This ensures that every operator can work with the machine ergonomically and fatigue-free.

14-Ergonomic joystick
The joystick lies securely and comfortably in your hand. The control is sturdy and sensitive at the same time. In this way, you always have the machine and its key functions under control.

15-Good all-round visibility — ergonomic workplace
Plenty of legroom, clearly arranged instrument clusters, a comfortable operator’s seat and an optimal visibility of the attachment. A working area that motivates and fully supports the operator.

Technical Parameters



Engine Model Kubota D1105 EPA4/Euro5 Engine
No. Of Cylinder-bore/Stroke 3—78×78.4
DIsplacement 1.123L
Engine Rated Power 18.2kW
Rated Speed 2200r/min
Bucket Capacity 0.26m³
Loading Capacity 600kg
Net Weight 1700kg
Lifting Time ≤8.0s
Maximum Speed 12km/h
Min.Turning Radius 2466mm
Max.Turning Angle ±35°
Overall Height 2220mm
Overall Width 1150mm
Dumping Height 1764mm
Dumping Reach 829mm
Min.Ground Clearance 330mm
Overall Length(bucket on ground) 3676mm
Wheel Base 1378mm
Tyre 26*12-12 Agricultural Tires
Service Brake Four Wheel Hydraulic Spread-Shoed Brake


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